- visualizing the state of an Ethereum pyramid contract

javjav Member Posts: 3
This project tries to demonstrate what kind of things can be done with contracts by using the ever-popular 'pyramid scheme' as an example:


  • tylobbantylobban Member Posts: 1
    hey jav, i just wanted to check (still learning here): if you didn't implement the collectFees method, would the amount of ether in collectedFees simply be locked in the contract forever, with no way of getting it out? thanks!
  • DaedalusDaedalus Member Posts: 36
    If there wasn't a kill contract function, then technically yes, it would become "nether", it would stay locked in that contract. At least it is so with some contracts I tested in testnet. So technically if access was lost to the "owner" address, all ether going into the fees of the contract would be sunken/lost forever/become "nether".

    I wish something was made for both bitcoin/ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, to keep track of all the dead coins, as there's many coins in both that probably no one has access to, in lost addresses. This would give us a better idea of their market caps, and at the same time actually improve the prices of the said assets.
  • nemirkonemirko Member Posts: 13
    edited March 2016
    I send ether at the end of tire 4 or maybe at begining of tire 5 and now i see that my address not anymore in any tire in that piramide, why is that?
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