0.3.10 client mines but doesn't earn anything

Are there any version number restrictions for earning ether? Ie, is there anything in the code that says "this version number is in the future, disregard it."

This is what's happening - I had two 0.3.8 clients, one was mining and one was just running alethzero and monitoring balances. It seemed to be working for a while and then the non-miner client showed the miner's balance was unchanged at 2182.5 finney while the miner kept on finding blocks (address 1af5f448).

I assumed that due to a bug the miner had gone haywire/found it's own chain. I upgraded both to 0.3.10 (latest github). Now the miner says that it's mining, correct state root and everything, however when it mines it doesn't seem to be able to broadcast the block. It just says "mined block" and carries on going on the same block. The non-miner is connected to it as a peer but doesn't acknowledge the fact it mined.

Hope that makes sense!


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