Balance bug? +withdrawal

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Hi guys I have a question on eth nanopool I see I see I have 0.014ETH but when I click on my account i get to ether chain and balance there is 0.42ETH, is this some bug or smth?
And one more question I want to try withdraw just to see how it all works, I have that mine account key(number or whatever) and I know pass ofc but where do I access it and send if forward?
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    Hello sir,

    The 0.014Eth you see at the nanopool website is your accumulated ether while mining. It builds up for 6 hours and if it reaches over 100 finney (about 0.1 ether), they take what's in that accumulated pool at nanopool, and deposit it into your wallet where you have 0.42 ETH. 4 days times a day, at 10am, 4pm, 10pm, and 4pm EST the deposit happens.

    In this case, you have 0.014 ether right now in the pool at nanopool. Once you reach 100 finney (about 0.1 ether), they'll take whatever is in that pool you have and deposit it into your wallet address.

    I hope that made sense.

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    Okey thanks mate. I get it now
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