Vagrant/Ansible virtual box for dapp development

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What can you do with this?

vagrant up

Give it a minute or ten. Voila! Now you've got a virtual machine with geth, pyethereum, solidity compiler and embark running on your system. SSH in and start building! (read the docs first!)

vagrant ssh

This is version 0.0.1. More stuff, like meteor will come later. Feedback is appreciated ;)
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    Set this up on my machine today and was pleasantly surprised to find that it mostly still worked. It failed when cloning pythereum for some reason but I switched this out for webthree-umbrella and then ran
    vagrant provision --provision-with git
    vagrant provision --provision-with shell
    to complete the provision script.

    Thanks very much for sharing. Are you coding your DApps on the host machine and then pushing from the DAPPS folder to the Vagrant VM to run the DApp against the test net? If so, how do you sync it or is this automatic?

    What kind of issues have you run into?
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    It'd be awesome if this was still in active development. With the recent rise in Etherum popularity, hopefully it will.
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    Played with the box a bit more tonight. As the files are shared between your host machine and the Vagrant box in the DAPPS folder, it's impossible to create a Meteor application in this folder and then run it because the Mongo DB cannot lock files.Ðapp
    [email protected]:~/DAPPS/gigg$ meteor
    [[[[[ ~/DAPPS/gigg ]]]]]                      
    => Started proxy.                             
    Unexpected mongo exit code 100. Restarting.   
    Unexpected mongo exit code 100. Restarting.   
    Unexpected mongo exit code 100. Restarting.   
    Can't start Mongo server.                     
    MongoDB had an unspecified uncaught exception.
    This can be caused by MongoDB being unable to write to a local database.
    Check that you have permissions to write to .meteor/local. MongoDB does
    not support filesystems like NFS that do not allow file locking.
    I suppose I could run a cron tab to copy the files across to a useable folder periodically.
  • caylorcaylor Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
    The answer to the db issues; create a symlink.
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