Uncaught invalid address?

SinkingPointSinkingPoint Member Posts: 2
Trying to make a web page that gets a message from a simple "hello world" smart contract. Unfortunately, it isn't working. I'm seeing this in the Mist console.

Uncaught invalid address
v @ web3.min.js:2
p @ web3.min.js:2
(anonymous function) @ web3.min.js:2
i.formatInput @ web3.min.js:2
i.toPayload @ web3.min.js:2
i.buildCall.e @ web3.min.js:2
s.sendTransaction @ web3.min.js:2
s.execute @ web3.min.js:2
(anonymous function) @ (index):26

Web page is here and contract source code is here. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


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