Revolution in music. How would one go about it?

Alright guys (and girls?) here is my question to you all.

Let's say you are some kid, making music in your parent's basement, or a band trying to make it big, how could you use this new technology to make it big?

For example, would you create an altcoin BandNameCoin or BandNameShare and SOMEHOW tie it with you financial success?

Seems that would take lots of overhead and involve the law. Which we want to avoid. The goal is to have everything trustless and taken care of by a few lines of code.
So say Justin Bieber had a coin 5 years ago. People could have heard his music and said "Yo, i like this kid, he has potential, I'll invest in Biebershares" and a few years later, bieber's net worth is millions of USD so that investment in musical-crypto-pennystock really paid off.
Now this solution involves the law. Since the worth of the biebercoins are physically or digitally attached to beibers bank account.

So anyway, I'm wondering. What's the solution to this?

Basically, I'd like to figure out how ANYONE can "go public" and have people invest in them via cryto-currency/equity/whatevers.

Simple way to do this?

Yes I have read Adam B Levine's idea about Vx but I'm not sue I grasp it completely. Feel free to explain it in your own words if it allows for this.
And if it does, how would you go about it? Step by step.


  • creatinglakecreatinglake Member Posts: 8
    create a p2p grooveshark.
  • LeanLean Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Hi COB,

    Since 2 months ago I participate in the design and creation of a new alt-coin for the music industry. We are taking it very seriously and we are talking with some of the biggest Music Colleges in the world to implement it.

    We have strong people on the music business thinking in new business models around music and crypto currencies.

    Feel free to write me a private message if you want to know more about the project. We expect to launch in a couple of weeks. Any ideas and help are welcome.
  • buddhallahbuddhallah Member Posts: 4
    perhaps mining for the band/artist while listening?
  • OperatrOperatr Member Posts: 4
    As to a step by step, I could not say (because it doesn't exist yet :D).

    But what we're really talking about here is monetizing content with a blockchain, which can be applied to any kind of media, whether it is a song, article, video, etc.

    Each piece of media would essentially be it's own tradable smart asset, where demand for that media would drive its fair market price, and the authors receive a fair cut. Thanks to blockchain accounting and smart contracts, this would all be done automatically.

    This is an article that describes this kind of concept a lot further than I am prepared to, hope it helps generate some ideas.

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