Why ETR?

I am trying to understand Ethereum for more than 1 hour and it just looks like one of those purposeless academic projects that won't have any commercial success.

Your website, your descriptions, even the sentence you are trying to explain "simplicity" is complex as hell and not user friendly at all. Seems like you are trying to develop an innovative high tech protocol but even you don't have no idea who will use it and why will they use it?

I am not trying to attack or smt, maybe you are a great tech team and your pr just sucks. Just read your "why" statement in the main page, maybe your target customers are high tech companies or smt but even if it is, it must be simply and understandable. Why someone needs a "Turing-complete scripting language" or any other stuff you mentioned there?

If there is someone who can simply explain what is ETR and why ETR?, please explain it.


  • bomb7bomb7 Member Posts: 4
    The creators are very intelligent tech nerds, and very intelligent tech nerds often have trouble communicating in a way that everyday people understand. But they`re trying and doing better than most cryptonerds.

    My understanding of Ethereum is this:

    -It is a distributed network like Bitcoin that runs on a blockchain (code that runs across a network of user computers so it`s decentralized).

    -The blockchain is designed so that third parties can easily create financial applications that will function on the decentralized network. It will be much simpler to create advanced applications than it is with Bitcoin.

    Some example applications are a decentralized stock exchange; the ability to create financial contracts, so a transaction will only be completed if you fulfil a certain criteria first; and decentralized autonomous organizations - meaning you can have the rules that govern a company written into the code rather than into a legal contract (I admit that I find DAOs difficult to understand). Basically all kinds of complex payments, contracts, investments, charitable donations, etc. can be done on the Ethereum network - and the network enforces the rules so you don`t have to trust the other party.

    Ethers the currency will be the "fuel" of the network, meaning people have to pay transaction fees in Ethers.

    That`s my understanding. I`m far from a tech nerd and have no knowledge of code, so I may not have it 100% correct.
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    How does a 'decentralized stock exchange' work?
  • ddink7ddink7 Member Posts: 49
    OP: Imagine a tech-minded person trying to explain the internet back in the 1990s. After filling your head with a whole bunch of TCP/IP and packet transfers and http and smtp and hypertext markup language...what would you have thought?

    Just because you don't understand the tech (neither do I, for that matter) doesn't mean it isn't revolutionary.
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    Thank you for answer. I now got it a little bit

    Let me explain you the internet back in the 1990s. We have two computers in long distance and we can send data each other, that's it. How i tell bitcoin now? I can directly send you money via internet. User doesn't need to know what kind of rocket science happening background, they need to know, what is this? why i will use it? how i will use it? simply.

    btw i have BS in software eng, and i know that what kind of super intelligent tech nerd you are, if you can't simply describe your product and explain why people need it, you can't be successful
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  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    I'll play:

    "Ethereum is a technology that makes it possible for you to interact with cloud services in a way that does not require you to trust them. MtGox costs it users millions because they had to trust the exchange not to operate a fractional reserve. You trust Facebook not to have a security bug that will reveal your private pictures to the world (or be in cahoots with the NSA). Same for Dropbox, banks, voting machines, etc.

    You probably won't know you're using Ethereum as an end user just like like you don't know you're using TCP/IP when looking at facebook pictures, or pay for a pizza."

    Hakanf got a point, we could do much better with the website presentation and content. Although so far the priority has been putting software in the hand of our users, we're working on a new website and tutorials and should be releasing it ASAP.

    Thank you!
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