How long to import pre-sale wallet into Ethereum Wallet 0.5.1

MrHesitantMrHesitant Member Posts: 2
Hi, after a few false starts I remembered my password and the Ethereum Wallet 0.5.1 running on OSX accepted my password.

It is now got a little ball that flashes colors and says "Importing...." but it has been going for 20 minutes now....

Here are my questions:

1. What are the consequences if I abort the import and start again?

2. How long should the import take?

(My wallet did look like it synced up with the network before I tried any of this.)

Thanks in advance for the help!


  • MrHesitantMrHesitant Member Posts: 2
    I left it overnight and no change. I found another thread suggesting that OSX version might be to blame so I restarted with a windows 10 machine. This time I was able to import the wallet. However, I then ran into the problem that I could not send ETH somewhere else.

    It turned out that my Windows 10 time was off by about a minute and that was enough to prevent the ethereum client from syncing.

    I had to change the internet time settings to get my client to start syncing. Should be ok now, I think.
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