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I have a question regarding Mist. First, all apologize as I am not a coder or dev but please bear with me. I opened Mist and created my etherbase account. I then created a contract wallet. I backed up using usb and then accidentally deleted my keystore file while accessing it. My etherbase wallet was gone. I opened mist and it asked to create new etherbase. I then added my backed up keystore file to new keystore file. Now I have 2 etherbase wallets and a contract wallet in mist. The issue I am not 100% sure about is that my new keystore file only has 2 UTC files in it and I have 3 wallets total. From what I have read there should be a UTC for each wallet. Is this wrong? Just want to make sure 100% I am backed up on all wallets. Thank you in advance.


  • soupdizzlesoupdizzle Member Posts: 2
    I just read that the Application Data file stores the required info to backup the contract wallets. Can I assume that the 2 UTC files are for the 2 base wallets and the backed up app data file will cover the contract wallets? Thanks
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