Why won't rest of the PCI-e slots get detected after installing a graphic card in the x4 slot?

JBaETHJBaETH Member Posts: 40
I am setting up a mining rig comprising of 5 graphic cards using this mainboard, Gigabyte P35-DS3P. It has the following number of PCI-e slots, as seen in the Gigabyte link:
  • 1x x16 PCI-e slot
  • 3x x1 PCI-e slots
  • 1x x4 PIC-e slot
I have been able to plug in 4 graphic cards using powered PCI-e risers/extenders, in the following order and they work fine:
3x R9 280x cards in each of the x1 slot.
1x R9 280x card in the x16 slot using x1 riser cable.

Now when I plug in the 5th card in x4 slot, only 1 card would get detected in Windows's 'device manager' section i.e. the one plugged in the x4 slot. I have tried installing it with and without the risers but same results.

Can someone suggest some workaround for this? Thanks!


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