[Charles Hoskinson] - So you want to learn about Ethereum, huh?

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    Youtube: Charles Hoskinson talks Ethereum with the team - warning: excited loud cheers ahead :)
  • cphicphi Member Posts: 46
    Very inspiring. Ethereum will be huge if its executed correctly. The months ahead are crucial. Loved the video.
  • pablofbpablofb Madrid, SpainMember Posts: 1
    Amazing, amazing, AMAZING!
    I'm a "tech lawyer", so I can see both: the incredible benefits and the enormous legal risks for privacy and IP. It's very interesting! Me and my team are gonna start a legal study about this wonderful solution and we will try to offer ideas to make it possible not in a country but in the wor... universe. I see it ;)
    Go on!
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    Pablo, I told you Ethereum is the next big thing... :D
  • SofSof AustraliaMember Posts: 10
    Many have said it before, but it is extraordinary potential that this platform affords by inviting others to build their innovation on it. Great summary from Charles and good use of analogy. Essential to help people grasp the basics when they may not yet grasp the technology.
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