DwarfPool - first ethereum stratum pool

AtridesAtrides Member Posts: 17

Increase earning with STRATUM protocol upto 20% compared to getwork pools.

- Anonymous pool, no registration required
- Autopayouts from 1 ETH
- True hour based PPS (proportional your shares every hour). 2% fee
- DDoS protection by different providers
- Maxmimum transparency, no stealing shares and no hidden fees, no payout commissions. All TX-fee paid by pool from eth-fee.
- Separate workers with the same wallet for detailed per rig statistics
- Monitoring of every rig via email
- Greatly optimized extreme powerful pool engine
- Free choice of 3 server locations worldwide EU / USA-CA / RU

eth-eu.dwarfpool.com (Europa)
eth-us.dwarfpool.com (USA/CA)
eth-ru.dwarfpool.com (Russia)

All your shares will be calculated from all servers!

- Port getwork: 80
- Port stratum: 8008

Bitcointalk announce
Stratum details and announce


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