It works well with one r9 r9 390 380?

kornekorne Member Posts: 31
It works well with one r9 r9 390 380?
work well for the difference in the gpu ram?
With r9 380 4gb get at least 22 mh / s + 29 mh / s of 390 r9 = 51 mh / s?


  • masteromastero Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
    A friend tested on a only one R9 390 and get 32 MHash/S
  • akropissakropiss Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
    my r9 390 is a bit spotty, runs at 26-27mh/s at stock clocks, (not benchmarking)
    overclocking the memory does absolutely nothing,
    overclocking the core and voltage, i can get it to about 31mh/s with fans running at about 60-70% or near an open window (the benefits of winter) but usually have it at around 29mh/s because i don't want to overdo it.
    I feel like this card should be more powerful than it is, I read somewhere that the scripting isn't optimized for the 390 or fury and not all the shaders are used, and the 380 is based on the r9 285, which has a different architecture, better for gaming frame rates at the cost of hashing power, but it should be in the 17-22mh/s range depending on clock settings.
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