Announcing Ðapp provably fair de-centralized, Ether gambling on the Ethereum blockchain

We are pleased to announce; our new and provably fair, de-centralized Ether gambling Ðapp running on the Ethereum blockchain at is a game of chance. It is based on a simple game of ‘high’ or ‘low’. Players are prompted to pick a number between 1-100, along with a bet that they are willing to wager. The smart-contract then returns a truly random number between 1-100. Winners are paid when their number is within the resulting range, either high (50+) or low (<50). Each betting round takes about 1 minute to complete – based on the speed of the Ethereum blockchain.

The odds are calculated to give the house an edge of 2% with full transparency because all die rolls, results and earnings statistics are verifiable using the blockchain.

The Ðapp is provably fair, in the sense that we provide the sha3 seeds prior to and after each betting round. Proving we did not and cannot (thanks to sha3 encryption) change the seed, simply due to the fundamental way in which the Ethereum Blockchain operates. is currently only a working prototype. It is a pre-alpha release to test the core game mechanics, usability and to perform bug testings and updates as we build towards a final release ‘go-live’ phase.

House edge is 10% during the current testing phases - no real Ether on testnet version. We are still hard at work developing and putting final touches on the Ðapp.


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