How is the Hash Rate Calculated?

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Hello all! I've looked through the mining code, and I'll be damned if I can find the specifics of what constitutes a "hash operation" with regard to calculating the hash rate. Any code pointers as to where the SPECIFICS of the actual calculation are located would be appreciated! I've found WorkProgress and rate(), and also miningProgress, but neither tells me what a "hash" is, for counting purposes. Is a "hash operation" a full "round" through the inner_loop (64 iterations), including the initial seed SHA and the final (result) SHA? Or is each iteration, each Dag hash-pair/mix (which are FNV'ed during each iteration), counted as a "hash operation"? Or is each Dag hash access (2 per mix/FNV) considered a "hash operation"?

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    @dlehenky and @Genoil
    I know it is like more than a year later but I really want to know how to determine the hash rate of a GPU for ether mining (does that involve the core clock and the amount of RAM) ?
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    @hkhald01 Core clock, memory clock, memory bus width, memory size. You determine the hash rate using the 'ethminer' command's benchmark option. Genoil's build of 'ethminer' allows you to benchmark using larger DAG sizes, which you need to get accurate numbers for your GPU.
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    thanks again,
    plz can u post a link to the binary build of Genoil?
    about the GPU I am interested to know about the hash rate before I buy it, after that once I have it whatever is the result I can't really do much, my first xfx 280x I pruchased was a pure luck, but as a lots of site have non consistent hash rate values I wanted to know how they determine the hasha rate capability of a gpu
    finally you think someone should start mining with a 4 GB card as the DAG is about the increase in the near future ?
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    @hkhald01 The link for Genoil's binary can be found in the "CUDA Miner" thread on the forum. Really, any question you have about Genoil's work should be asked there. You'll get a lot more information. So, you want to know the hash rate of different GPUs before you buy? You'll have to look around on the forums and search the Web. If that data isn't consistent enough for you, I don't know what to suggest.

    I know if you get a card with 4 GB, the DAG will never be a problem. Otherwise, it will depend on the specific card as far as how well it handles the increasing size of the DAG. I have no experience with all these older cards, so I can't advise you. Sorry.

    -Best Care
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