Lost Eth

hofer13hofer13 Member Posts: 2
Hi guys,
I had 15 (but I only found a picture with 10 eth) mining reward one my etherbase Account but my Mist wallet wasn't synced. Today it finally synced and my Balance is 0eth. There are no transactions. I also tried to Check Balance with the console it also shows 0eth what did I miss


  • Crypt1xCrypt1x The BlockchainMember Posts: 52
    Basically Mist connects to geth for node and blockchain sync.

    Are you sure you did not spent the ETH before, so that when the blockchain was syncing you had still the coins but when updated balance is 0 cause they got spent before..

    Maybe this could be an issue.

    What returns the check balance on the geth console?
  • hofer13hofer13 Member Posts: 2
    Yes i'am sure. I just started mining about 3 days ago, havn't done anything with eth yet. Would I see if someone hacked into my Account and transferred eth? Check Balance on geth console says 0
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