What business model for Ethereum DApp developpers ?


What will be in your opinion the incitement (i.e. financial motivation) for great developpers to build great DApp ?

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    Seems like I have my answer :

    There are several categories for which tokens may being issued:

    Kickstarter (Crowdsale): An initial one-time sale of tokens is a common way to initially fund a DApp. The money raised will be set aside into the foundation which will use that to develop the project.
    Developer Pool: A portion of the tokens can be set aside for developers working on the project. As the market sets a valuation for the project, the developer pool will gain it’s value and can attract contributors to the project.
    Premine: It is best to avoid premining a token. Communities dislike this methology. If a premine is done it is recommended to have a meaningful reason.
    User Behavior (Mining): User Behavior distribution of tokens incentivizes nodes to contribute resources to the DApp. In Bitcoin, there is a block reward every ten minutes. This incentives contributors to provide hashing power to the DApp. In the same way, DApps need to determine how to incentivize the network to contribute the required resource. This is the most important portion of the token distribution. Overtime hashing power will be fully rewarded with transaction fees on Bitcoin however to scale to that the block reward provides the incentive.

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