Just got my PCIe extender. Help me install without destroying a GPU!

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I've got a quiet house and new hardware to install.

Going to put an R9 380 and an R9 380X together on my MSI 970 Gaming moboard. They don't fit, so I had to order an extender cable. You can enjoy some shots here: http://imgur.com/a/NF5i7

My plan is to attach the molex connector to a Type 4 female connector (see pics). I don't know where to plug that into the power supply, however. Also, I'm going to attach the other two 6 pin power cables from the power supply to the GPU just as I usually do.

Do I take that blue wrap off? I'm pointing to it in one of the pictures.

Also, just for general knowledge, why is there the large edge on the GPU but just a small edge will go into the moboard? Is the large edge generally for the power that the molex is providing? And do I just plug in the small edge into my moboard in the other main PCIe slot?

Thanks for your help!


  • adasebadaseb Member Posts: 1,043 ✭✭✭
    Leave the blue tape.

    But you need to cut the +12V lines going from the GPU end to the motherboard. I think its pin 1,2,3 and Pin 2 on the opposite side. You can also cut Pin 4, ground.

  • adasebadaseb Member Posts: 1,043 ✭✭✭

    My mistake. Its Pin 1,2,3 and Pin 2,3 from the other end.
  • ProtegeAAProtegeAA Member Posts: 7
    Should I not use the molex connector then? It only has two pins (you can see in the picture). It is hard to tell what numbers they are soldered to because of an insulated epoxy on them.
    I have read that the two 6 pin PCI-e plugs may be sufficient for power without the molex. Might try that first...
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    The picture is a powered GPU riser. I would use the molex connector to power the GPU off of the PSU. IMO a powered riser is not necessary if running 1, 2, or 3 GPU's on single MB, but is good idea for more than 3. I would use the molex since you have it. Hope this is helpful
  • ProtegeAAProtegeAA Member Posts: 7

    I hedged my bets a little and set it up with an old GPU first. The fans ran, and no sparks flew, but I'm so far unable to detect the card. I put the newer card in and again, fans are good but no detection in hardware manager. Going to keep troubleshooting.
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    Update-moved my 1x cable end to the PCIe 1 slot and we're good. Started mining on ethpool and didn't change any settings; PC automatically detected and put both GPUs to work.

    Now to see if I can replicate it in ubuntu. :-)
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    @ProtegeAA I run 6 GPUs on Ubuntu, 5 are on risers. You should be fine.
  • ProtegeAAProtegeAA Member Posts: 7
    Thanks, I had it running on ethpool. The dags took noticeably longer to start and I wasn't sure if my hashes were happening as often. The MH/s rate was a touch slower too. So currently using win 10.
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    @ProtegeAA The DAGs took noticeably longer because that hadn't been generated yet.
  • hkhald01hkhald01 Member Posts: 26
    I would recommend that you spend a little extra and get cable adapter that is made that will cost you $4 rather then trying to DIY especially that the gpus will get hot an then if you have bad tape or duct it may melt and it is endless instead use that url to have an idea the different pins also i wanted to mention that there is 24 pin atx adapter to hook several PSUs in case u need them and that will allow you to switch on/off all the psu togethers.
    different adapter link:
    run psus together link:

    Happy Mining to ALL :)

    (Please if any one knows the startum proxy and how it is supposed to be installed plz let me know)
    (I am also looking for a way to calculate ether revenue in ether (we won't care about the conversation as it is too volatile), this formula need to kinda predict the increased difficulty and avg block time as well and any other factor I did omit and thanks all again.
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    @hkhald01 For the stratum proxy, are you asking about eth-proxy (written in python)? If so, it's here: https://github.com/Atrides/eth-proxy
    The README.md has the installation instructions. There's a compiled version for Windows. The linux install is simple, too. You have to edit eth-proxy.conf to suit your situation (which pool, etc.).

    There are plenty of mining calculators around, just Google. I'm not sure what else your asking? No one can "predict" the difficulty increase, other than to say it's very likely to continue to go up, unless the value of ether crashes. The network block time is managed by the network to average +/- 17 seconds. Your average time to mine a block is, obviously, based on your total hash rate and the difficulty.

    -Best Care
  • hkhald01hkhald01 Member Posts: 26
    @dlehenky thanks for the eth-proxy (I'll be honest I don't even know why there is a proxy version to begin with but I heard that Dworfpool uses something like stratum and that increase their revenue 20% not really sure there what they mean)
    About the difficulty increase I did parse a json response that had the history of the network hash rate since July 2015 or may be august and i did calculated the daily difference between each day and also I took an avg and I can estimate that daily there is 4 GH increase since that start date so It is not accurate 100% but perhaps it may help to incorporate that in the calculators you are mentioning, also I have noticed that my estimated revenue i noticed that when i first got my card feb 15th i had a hash rate of 21mh/s and the estimated revenue according to ethereumpool.co gave me 17 Ether /month and sometimes 16.xx but now it is like 15 Ether a month and sometime 14.xx Ether and that is a depreciation in the estimated revenue so that is what i meant if anyone knows a calculator that includes these factors
    Now finally I want to ask you with a 41Mh/s rate should I start mining solo or just stick with the pool for now
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    @hkhald01 A pool would be best at such a low hash rate. I like ethpool.org, myself.
  • hkhald01hkhald01 Member Posts: 26
    @dlehenky, I was starting to look at the dAPP but I saw your reply and you mentioned the ethpool.org, kindly can you explain to me how this system works I used it for like 1 hr I did not see anything so i gave up and thanks
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    @hkhald01 This pool is like mining solo, with others. When your "credits" (total hash count) puts you at the top (most current credits), you earn the full block reward (5 ethers), not a partial reward like others pools. On their Web site, go to the "Credits" page and watch it for awhile. There's also a FAQ.
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