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Got Mist installed and up and running. Somewhere along the line while initially playing with it, I think I created a new wallet or new wallet contract and submitted it without having any funds in the wallet. The result is the continuous attempt to create it. I think I have looked everywhere and tried everything I can think of to kill it, can someone help? Perhaps I am missing something obvious?

Also FYI as I see a number of others having the problem: took a week to download the block, fired through very quickly to 500,000 something, then got stuck, had to open and close the client constantly to get it to download max 100,000 each time, cleared to 700,000 got stuck again, had to repeat opening and closing the client, got to 800,000 finally, then downloaded to 1 million very quickly by itself. I did a search and see a number of others out there on different Os's experiencing the same thing.


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    Well I had the big idea to try to continue to create that 'test' account now that the wallet is funded, hoping it would complete itself. No go. Question is what does the icon or symbol next to 'test' represent. Wallet contracts are indicated by a wallet icon etc.

    I also did a deep text search in:

    AppData\Roaming\Mist\ all correctly created accounts and wallets show up except 'test'

    and in here:


    where it does show up in hundreds of these *.dlb's

    I suspect I am going to have to uninstall or delete everything and reload? Highly annoying that little sucker spinning like that when the wallet is open :D

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