Sending ETH doesn't seem to work?

ArpFlushArpFlush Member Posts: 14

I've tried to send ETH with my Mist wallet but in neither of the cases, the ETH seem to arrive at my deposit address (both exchanges). However, my mist wallet shows less ETH and Etherscan sees the tx:
Any ideas? (also waiting exchange support)


  • ArpFlushArpFlush Member Posts: 14
    edited February 2016
    Update: one got through

    Another tx however shows: Invocation Result: Balance change from 7.984 Ether to 34 Finney

    It looks like ETH left my account but shows 0 in the blockchain...
  • slylandroslylandro Member Posts: 2
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    As I understand exchanges don't support transactions from Wallet Contracts. A couple questions:

    1) Why not? What's the fundamental difference between sending from a Wallet Contract vs a base account that makes this not supported by exchanges?

    2) I happened to send an exchange a small amount of ETH from my Wallet Contract in Mist (before I learned it's not supported). Of course they didn't receive the transaction but the amount was still removed from my wallet balance. So where did the ETH go? The exchange doesn't have it and I don't have it.

    3) Is there any way to recover/undo that transaction?
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