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Hello I am a newbie when it comes to Ethereum. I recently installed AlethZero client on Windows 7 (downloaded Ethereum-win64-latest.exe from somewhere) and tried my hand at mining for a while. Made around 200 ether.

I want to know my account number so that I can confirm if the whole thing is actually working. Cant figure it from the AlethZero GUI. Maybe I am just too dumb for this... I need help :(

I am attaching a screenshot of my AlethZero client and the associated .json file. Someone please tell me how to get the damn account number/ account address.


Thanks in advance!


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    I installed a newer version of Ethereum client and then your double click trick worked.

    XE871F14LGYL8THRWY1JXD13MF3YHXREWE (00564b9d3de20878c04c6c7012c83a03f8f8092e) is what I got.

    My last question is how do i verify the ether balance in my account '00564b9d3de20878c04c6c7012c83a03f8f8092e'?

    Even though the AlethZero client shows positive ether balance in the account, when I try to check the same in geth, I get zero balance. I use the following command:


    Am I actually mining anything or am I just wasting my time?

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    Well... looks like I was wasting my time.

    I was playing around with the client and I hit 'Prepare next DAG' and all the ether vanished lol

    I don't get it... What did I do wrong? Any ideas??
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