Connecting to testnet results in "UPnP device not found"

I checked the other thread on the subject by user segovro but even after removing the non-synced chain I end up with the following startup screen:
[email protected]U330p:../~/$ eth --console --testnet
Morden welcomes you. What do you want?
  ℹ  17:23:41|eth  Reading /home/work/.web3/keys/aab044a7-4b2b-27b7-d961-d02da3fd1bb9.json
  ℹ  17:23:41|eth  Opened blockchain DB. Latest: #0cd786a2… (rebuild not needed)
  ℹ  17:23:41|eth  Opened state DB.

Please enter your MASTER password: 
Ethereum (++) 1.0.0
  Code by Gav Wood et al, (c) 2013, 2014, 2015.
Transaction Signer: XE252RZFWYZ5V69FG9QCW5BFATF8LTNTUL (aab044a7-4b2b-27b7-d961-d02da3fd1bb9 - 00a91397)
Mining Beneficiary: XE252RZFWYZ5V69FG9QCW5BFATF8LTNTUL (aab044a7-4b2b-27b7-d961-d02da3fd1bb9 - 00a91397)
Foundation: XE55PXQKKK4B9BYPBGT1XCYW6R5ELFAT6EM (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - de0b2956)
  ℹ  17:23:55|p2p  UPnP device not found.
Node ID: enode://00545e45f28c5546ff1992a5c986751f084eb67beb87f49951de05508fbc23922[email protected]
JSONRPC Admin Session Key: huIBwYBDm4I=
'setTimeout not available in this environment.'


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