HolyTransaction Web Wallet adds Ether

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HolyTransaction is excited to announce support for Ethereum’s crypto fuel - Ether. Ethereum is one of the most interesting projects that have been released in Bitcoin’s wake and we support its goals.

HolyTransaction Web Wallet

Now, with HolyTransaction, you can:

- Send and receive Ether
- Ethereum server side wallet creation and transaction signing
- Set OTP for additional protection

Our roadmap for future development is:
- Enable Ether exchange to let people instantly convert Ether to any supported cryptocurrencies and back.
- Add client-side multisig. We will need JS library to sign Ether transactions in browser. If community will help us we will be able to release it much faster!

Our goal has always been to make cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. People who aren’t familiar with technology should be able to use our platform easily.

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