how can I offer services in ethereum?

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I read the tutorials 1 and 2 and still can't figure out a basic thing: OK, contracts can combine information and send out results, but how does one get new information into the ethereum? E.g. I would like to offer very precise temperature measurements on ethereum. Like a webservice, the information comes from the real world into ethereum. Is there a tutorial that covers what I have to do to implement these "webservices" on a "server" ?

I kept wondering about this when I read over the very simple Dapp tutorials My service will need at least localhost http access to get the data from my local database and/or thermometer. The reply of the service probably must go into the ledger, but some part of the reply should be encrypted, so no other parties can read the temperature, as I'm trying (in this example) to send temperature data to someone else. Maybe I've misunderstood Ethereum and this is not an ideal use case for it?
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    I have the impression that this is mostly a question about where to find documentation... the tutorials often refer to getting the current temperature in San Francisco via an etherum service, so there is probably already a tutorial that explains how to build such a service, it's just that I can't find it...
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    From what I understand, contracts can only access information that is contained in the ledger. So a contract that gets the temperature in SF would require some other external process that writes the temperature into the ledger... is this correct?
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