Contributing to the network without a GPU


I have a spare computer with a fairly decent CPU but no graphics card. I like the idea of running an ethereum node just for the warm feeling of being involved. Two questions:

1) If I use this machine as a miner will I be contributing anything useful to the network?
2) Is it possible to run as just a kind of block verifier that is providing useful work without having to do PoW?

Or, in general, can a machine without a beefy GPU contribute anything useful to the network?



  • chevrochevro Member Posts: 16
    A node would be useful to the network, just by running. Mining is gonna stress your cpu, and won't return much. You could try it though. I'd recommend dwarfpool. Solo mining won't return anything but a fried cpu eventually IMHO.

    Doesn't have to be a super beefy gpu. I have an r7 370 2GB, which is roughly equivalent to a r9 270, or 270x. I got it at best buy for US $160. Any AMD video card with more than 2Gb of ram should work, newer stuff you'll have better luck with I think.

    If the eth price stays where it is you should be able to break even if you got a video card, then sell it after POW is over or mine some other coin.
  • monkeysonnetmonkeysonnet Member Posts: 2
    I see.

    How is a node useful to the network just by running (and not mining)?

  • chevrochevro Member Posts: 16
    Every node add strength to the network. The more nodes there are, the more decentralized it is.
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