Ethereum DApps that Integrate With Bitcoin Blockchain

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This has probably been discussed before, but is the vision for Ethereum that the network is to operate on its own, or do some intend some Ethereum DApps to be able to integrate with other blockchains, i.e., Bitcoin. I look at Ethereum as the advanced decentralized platform with Ether being like the fuel to run the DApps. But is it practical to still use the Bitcoin blockchain for payments, i.e., using Bitcoin as a currency, vs. ether as a fuel/commodity? Does it make sense/is it possible to create practical Dapplications while still integrating Bitcoin payments within Ethereum? Or is this blasphemy I talk about? Any examples and resources for Ethereum DApps that work with Bitcoin blockchain- please post them here. Thanks!


  • gaetanocaruanagaetanocaruana Member Posts: 28
    @yuriygeorge: I am going to be concise in my reply. Yes it has been discussed before but none the less you did the right thing to ask about it :)

    Fact1: Bitcoin blockchain is completely different to Ethereum blockchain. Meaning they run in a completely different world

    Fact2: Ethereum is a decentralised network as you right said. By design everything that runs on ethereum is checked and verified by all nodes. This means that anything that run on Ethereum has to be deterministic. What does deterministic mean? A deterministic tasks is that given the same inputs, it will ALWAYS produce the same out.

    Using the above two facts, try to thing of you and me being two nodes on Ethereum. If I check the price of bitcoin now and you check a millisecond after it might be completely different. This is a common problem that you start reading about it as you will go through Ethereum resources - Communicating with the outside world

    There are however solutions to this deterministic thing - which is quite advanced.
  • yuriygeorgeyuriygeorge Member Posts: 6
    For sure, but let's say we ignore the "pricing of Bitcoin" oracle, and just check "deterministically" if say 2.35 BTC was paid to address XYZ, is this any issues doing this? Can ethereum reliably prove deterministically that 2.35 BTC has been paid out on the Bitcoin blockchain. Would the Ethereum node have to be running a Bitcoin node? Or would each Ethereum node need to be running a SPV light Bitcoin node? Yeah that would be problematic. I am interested in such 'advanced' solutions where they may exist. Thanks.
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