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anderskitsonanderskitson Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
What are the mobile implications for smartphones. If I wanted to use a application built on Ethereum for iOS will it be blocked by Apple on the app store? Does building mobile web apps make more sense. There must be some sort of GUI for these apps, How is a user supposed to use a smart contract without a interface to do so. Please forgive if I don't quite understand how these applications will be implemented.


  • Jam10oJam10o Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    What will likely be the case would be an ethereum wallet for phones, which can be used to make transactions, and by extension contracts, that run on the blockchain. There will be services and systems online and elsewhere using ethereum, but you might not even need to use the wallet to participate, even if someone *ahem*apple*ahem* blocks wallets (ie, bitcoin ones) from their stores.

    Charles (one of the founders) suggested that ethereum may have its own "app store" model on top of wallets, which allow extensions to be added. these are the only things that could be used as "apps" as contractsl will be based on the blockchain, and the apps would simply be frontends for contracts :)
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