How to calculate block finding frequency from difficulty for a given hashrate?

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For other coins the block finding frequency can be calculated based on how much hashrate we want to mine with. But I have no idea how could I calculate the same from Ethereum's difficulty.

For other coins the block finding frequency (in seconds) goes like this:
2^32 * coin_difficulty / hashrate_we_want_to_mine_with * 1e6 / 60 / 60;


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    Go to your friendly blockchain explorer, e.g. to get the current hash rate difficulty. Divide that by your hash rate. That's the number of seconds for you to mine a block, on average. So, the difficulty is currently about 10.5TH/sec. If you mine at 1 GH/sec, it would take you 10.5T/1G = 10500 seconds to mine a block (175 minutes or 2.92 hours).

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    @ptk : You can also do it using the current network hash rate. Divide it by your hash rate and multiply by the current average block time. So, if the network hash rate is 600 GH/sec, and you're mining at 1 GH/sec, you get 600 * 17.5 = 10500 seconds. These are current round number estimates of what the network is currently doing. :)
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    Thank you! I had no idea it was that easy.

    I prefer difficulty based estimations over nethashrate and block time.
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