Eth Windows Version crashes unexpectedly.

NeonFlashNeonFlash Member Posts: 3
I am using Ethereum's C++ implementation on Windows. I installed it from a precompiled binary. My OS version is: Win 7 ultimate 64-bit

I downloaded the precompiled binary from here:

Below is the output from eth.exe -V which shows the details of the version:

eth version 1.0.0
eth network protocol version: 61
Client database version: 12041
Build: Windows/msvc/JIT/Release

I started it using eth.exe console from command line, set the master password and after a while it started synchronizing the blockchain.

I could see it downloading upto Blockchain number, 176000, however after this the program, eth.exe crashed. I started it multiple times but it would still crash.

Has anyone else also experienced similar issues while running eth.exe? Is there a more recent version of Ethereum which I can install on Windows?

Please note that I cannot run Ethereum on Linux right now and would prefer to have it run on a Windows OS.

Note: I referenced this article: while running Ethereum on Windows.



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