Mobile push notifications from Ethereum

Use case:

I have a contract, doing it's stuff. I want to configure an event trigger into it such that when a certain event happens within the contract, it triggers a push notification which I receive on my mobile phone (which will likely have a wallet/client app of some sort running).

Is anyone working on anything like this?


  • auburn_niceauburn_nice RussiaMember Posts: 22
    I'm not sure that undersood you clearly but there are some guys made telegram bots notifying them about eth addresses balance changing.
    I suppose it's possible to go further. I didn't find any push notifications projects related with ether.
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  • supertylersupertyler Member Posts: 15
    The difficulty is that the notification needs to be triggered once only, if every node processed the trigger and sent a notification we'd be swamped.

    Did some reading. In the case of Android I believe the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) server requires a trigger before pushing a notification message to a target phone using an idle but always on connection (via google play), which then works out which app it relates to, after which it is displayed.

    It would be great if the GCM server was configured to listen to the blockchain for structured trigger events, and could automatically push user notifications for various apps based on defined on-chain event triggers.

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  • FlappySocksFlappySocks Member Posts: 3
    Write a server app, with an ethereum node listing for the event.

    Maybe with ethereum light, it might be practical to run that on mobile devices in the future.
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