Super curious: If Ethereum is a "world computer", where is it its "CPU"?

I mean, Vitalik have said that, Ethereum could be powered by, for example, just ~1000 people/computers after moving to PoS...

I am intrigued! In a PoW mining, there is a huge amount of computational power available to the blockchain but, in a PoS model, there is no need for that...

But, Ethereum will work just as expected! So, where is it its "CPU" in a PoS model ?!

Trying to conclude this by myself (newbie), I think that, if a "world computer" can work like this (PoS), so, PoW is nothing but a HUUUUUGE waste of resources! If yes, PoW must die right now.

Can someone jump into this subject to enlighten me? :smile:



  • ThiagoCMCThiagoCMC Member Posts: 6
    Good, good... Lets kick PoW for the sake of our planet... Maybe just a small PoW to keep spam away, as Vitalik suggested somewhere...

    But, how can just ~1000 CPUs, empowers a "World Computer" like Ethereum?

    Where the Ethereum "VM" computational power will come from? How fast / slow will it be?
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