Only have a chromebook


I'm a seafarer,my only PC is Google's Chromebook because it is cheap. (also android)

is it possible for me to run ethereum on chromebook?

if I would like to play around / build application on top of ethereum platform should I learn ruby on rails as I heard it is the easiest.


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    No, Ethereum cannot run on Chromebook Chrome OS.
    1. Chrome -the browser- does not support eth:// protocol
    2. You cannot run C++ or python code on Chrome OS
    Your best bet is to get a Linux Laptop somewhere. (or install Linux on Chromebook, which will become a Linux laptop at this point)
    They can be as cheap as $250 or as expensive as $3600 (like the Toshiba Z30 Ultrabook I got recently).
    3. Chrome OS, AFAIK, lacks a development platform (IDE)/code editor
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    Let's focus on it: Google Chrome OS is Internet 2.0, while Ethereum (and Bitcoin) is Internet 3.0

    Internet 1.0 = Foundation
    Internet 2.0 = centralized cloud computing
    Internet 3.0 = decentralized cloud computing

    But I'm optimistic, that if Ethereum will become a popular success and passes 100 million users, Google's Chrome could support it.
  • joesmoejoesmoe DenverMember Posts: 3
    There's no reason that the chrome book couldn't support it in the future.
  • eaglgenes101eaglgenes101 Member Posts: 43
    There's probably a way to port ethereum to NaCl. Anyone that wants to take a shot at it will get my respect.
  • mjackson001mjackson001 Member Posts: 9
    I have been able to get geth running on a crouton installation of Ubuntu on my chromebook by compling 'go' and 'geth' from source. I've even been able to get it to mine a block by setting the difficulty way down (below 131072). The problem is, the CPU horsepower is extremely limited it seems and after mining a block the protocol increments the difficulty up to 131072 which is too high for it to mine another block..

    But at least it runs and could theoretically be used to connect to the network. Just won't work great for local development.
  • mdjmdj Member Posts: 14
    thanks, great advice. I was setting up an internet server for a private testnet that would do the mining but that's easier..
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