An Ethereum MMORPG

With almost all things it is very good to test something out. An MMORPG that simulates a real-world economy could help us try our ideas in a real-world situation. It could also stimulate the early Ethereum ecosystem through giving us reason to spend our ether in the first days after the release. The MMORPG world could also benefit from the Ethereum project through decentralizing their games. It would be interesting and useful for collaboration between Ethereum and MMORPG worlds.

I'm curious what other people think of an MMO that uses Ether for things like it's currency, it's networking, or it's database.


  • SimonLondonSimonLondon Member Posts: 17
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    I think it would be a good test.
    If it could be made to be like that old capitalism PC game.
    I think the currency part will be easy but the legal contracts and the reputation systems could be interesting.

    Also setting up DAC/DAO would be fun.

    Not to mention the elections!
  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    This is an excellent idea. It may be a little expensive on the block chain, but still.(besides there may be workarounds making it lighter on the blockchain) It could use javascript and html to great extent, or use a program that talks to an ethereum client or has one build in.

    It seems actually cool to approach something like Morrow Wind with it. I also wonder to what extent games can be publishing DAOs internally. I think, to a very large extent, eventually :)
  • LukeDLukeD Member Posts: 23
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    I'm actually working on an Ethereum MMORPG. Anyone interested in helping or combining efforts?
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  • LukeDLukeD Member Posts: 23
    Even if we make separate games, it might be best for us to combine efforts because we may be able to exchange some resources between the games and make one large multigame-economy.
  • vaXvaX Austin, TXMember Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    Does the N.ew Ξ.arth O.perating S.ystem really need more MassRP 'Game$' (i.e. $LLLAPP$ in the face) for IT to Ξvolve and tranzform LIEf$ and $ocietal $ySTEMS, expediently??

    3y3 think navght..

    I'm not svggesting that moot courts, mock trials, focus groups, simulative experiences, oculus hyperbolae, and other secondlife placebos like gaming are without inherent value to the dΞΞper ΞnDEV-OAR-RINGz.

    kNOw, knot suggesting that at all..

    I get that making one's DApps/Ξndeavors 'feel', 'appear', 'RE:symbol' the gaming X-peer-inSee is advantageous to the 'te$ting' of ones 'idea$', but do we actually need to APPly our T.E.A.R.$. in such a reversing manner?

    ITz obvious that ALL EXI$TING $ECTORS ov thee W.orld O.perating $.ystem are being crptonickally disrvpted. Thee Quest-ion is to-ward 'WHAT', as developOARZ, due we APPly our T.E.A.R.$.

    The 'G.amification O.f L.ife' (web2.0, circa 2005-2015) WOS really just bitbait to svb-psychically persuade/influence the profe$$ional 'player$' who were embed and participating devoutly upon the broken WwwO$, to transition their pracktices into more conϟciously Ξvolved, ϟΔcred, Uniϟpherick, Non-$INtrolleyez'd, Non-hierarchical, Living..Breathing..Beating RΞAL LIFΞ Organ-eyez-ΔZΞNϟ.

    Has 'IT' worked?

    Old W. O. S. 'players', like lawyer$.. and doctor$.. and politician$.. broker$.. banker$.. and ceo'$ of the TechCo'$, are all wondering "What tha fvck is this 'blockchain' thing///??"

    OK, so maybe they call it 'bitcoin'.. but still, they're comparing ForEx charts and CryptoCharts and getting that all too familiar rumbling in their gut: "God damn.. I used to be a Gang$tar....."

    I digress.. So what should vve bee focusing our T.ime E.nergy A.ttention R.esources and $.kills to-wardz? More $imulation.. or mOAR ΔϟϟimilaZΞN.

    IT goes without saying that we all have our YOUnique 'roles' to 'play'. Some of us kNOW how LIGHT the trigger ov the AK-47 is when compared to the Joy$tick.

    Hip Shooter

    PS - @LukeD your last comment, replace the word 'game(s)', with 'reality(ies)'

    "Even if we make separate REALITIES, it might be best for us to combine efforts because we may be able to exchange some resources between the REALITIES and make one large multiREALITY-economy." -@LukeD

    VVellcvm to (((Ξthereality)))
  • VitalikButerinVitalikButerin Administrator Posts: 84 admin
    You forgot Đ. Although I love ϟ; we should find some use for it, perhaps gas.
  • cuddaloreappucuddaloreappu Member Posts: 20
    If there is an ethereum based MMORPG, what are all the things that could be in the game based on ethereum..

    Firstly a decentralized store and auction house where players can sell the items they craft.

    What apart from this does could ethereum play a part?
  • cuddaloreappucuddaloreappu Member Posts: 20
    and for god's sake please dont make another fantasy based MMORPG, we have a lot of them already.Please try some other theme.

    On different note, why dont you consider Second life like virtual reality platform, That can be right platform to test out ethereum. Because it is closer to real world economy than a MMORPG.

  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    I'm with @vaX some people spend too much time with games. Btw, I dont care much, but i am not sure what other people think of that way of writing? I dont think people in general like it. Is there purpose to it?(foil some kinds of parser or something..?)
  • BronzetankBronzetank Houston, TXMember Posts: 15 ✭✭
    Anyone interested in links between gaming worlds and the blockchain should check out FreeMyVunk!
  • bmiles84bmiles84 Member Posts: 2
    I played a game called Underlight back in the 90's before EverQuest came out. Would be a great game with a blockchain added underneath it.

    The only way to progress long-term is through other plays who can teach arts and advancements of skills after completing tasks. Only teachers can do these skills and that requires a much more complicated task from a master teacher.

    The 'antagonist' of the game are Nightmares, which are both NPC and PC (admin/GM) and spur along events in the world.

    Conflict PVP in-game generally centers around a religion of what to do with the nightmares.

    The wars, alliances, and conflicts that bubbled up were a sight to behold.

    Any game that utilizes the blockchain will be very interested, especially MMORPGs. Looking forward to see what comes.
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