How DAOs can use social networks as oracles for paying insurance claims

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Our latest post explains the process of using social networks as oracles for claims validation 2-264 Validators.pdf?dl=0

Previous posts:

Our first blog post highlighted the primary challenge of creating a peer to peer insurance product and how to solve it. blog 0.pdf?dl=0

Our second blog post contrasted the centralized trust model with the decentralized trust model and how both can solve the same problem with the same costs however the final result being that DAOs can produce additional services with no additional cost. blog 1.pdf?dl=0

I don't yet have an official blog. If you don't want to read pdf files then private message me and I will be happy to find some other format that would benefit you. This was cited as an issue with my last posting and I am still in a similar situation. Ideally these will become part of a more complete website but I am part of a larger team and I must follow through on my job which is to produce high quality content explaining how Dynamis works (not produce websites).

Thanks in advance for spending your valuable time reading and providing feedback for something I wrote. I hope these blog posts provide valuable insights into peer to peer insurance. Any feedback you provide no matter how large or small will be greatly appreciated.

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