Disrupting the Supply Chain Industry with Instant Sales Data

escapeveloescapevelo Member Posts: 1
Would it be possible with ethereum to create a system that would allow manufactures of products to instantly know when/where/how much a product was sold for? My idea for this system to bootstrap would require registration of a product ID to an individual product which could contain data like images, specifications, manuals, reviews, etc. When a point of sale purchase occurred it would show up on the blockchain and manufactures could instantly know any sales data. Not just that the product ID's could be used for plug and play websites. Consumer benefits could be autofilled registration/warranty or perhaps even digital ownership of products.

A system like this has huge implications for efficiencies in the supply chain and sales data analytics as well as many consumer benefits. Is this system possible? Is anyone working on it? I'm not an engineer but an investor and would like to part of a project like this. Any help would really be appreciated.


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