[HIRING] CTO / Software Architect mit Blockchain / Ethereum Erfahrung in Berlin

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CTO / Fullstack Software Architect (f/m/*)
- from jan/feb 2016, fulltime in Berlin -

tl;dr looking for a lead blockchain and/or mobile software architect
#blockchain #mobile #distributed #reactive #meteor #opensource #cto

…. are a highly motivated diverse team (from political theorist to social entrepreneur to blockchain developer to political activist) with the aim to facilitate and encourage political participation. What we want to build is an inspiring and captivating app that brings democracy back into the hands of everyone, together with a world wide standard for blockchain based voting protocols.

Your tasks
You will
* … be the technical lead for this software engineering project
* … lead a team of highly motivated designers and developers from conception through the whole process
* … be in touch with a worldwide network of opensource developers and blockchain experts
* … be engineering software including white and yellow paper specifications
* … develop open-source apps for mobile devices that empower citizens to participate in democracy again

Your profile
* ... want to make democracy handy again
* ... are willing to commit to a non-profit community project
* ... have technical lead and start-up experience
* … love to think outside the box (don’t take this a slogan)

Your skills cover a substantial subset of the following
* ... are a fullstack app and/or mobile developer (reactive or native)
* ... know reactive programming with JavaScript, Meteor.js, Web3.js, or similar libraries
* ... have been working with distributed ledgers, blockchain, IPFS or similar technologies
* ... know Ethereum, the EVM, Golang, Solidity and have written smart contracts before

We offer
* A motivated, pragmatic, harmonic team
* Campaigns to create huge impact
* Offices in the heart of Berlin (Kreuzberg)
* A hub to the worldwide network of experts working on what we do
* Part-time remote work possible
* Flexibility and a very humane approach to work, non-hierarchical, social, cooperative

Get in touch
* Drop me a message or reply here.


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