Multiple client on one node ?

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Hey guys,

First post. Sorry if my question is a poorly worded i'm not really well versed in the technicality of ethereum/english isn't my main language.
so..I've been looking at using ethereum as part of my project.

Currently i have a Node/client running on my computer than i interact with using web3js. It's pretty straight forward.But only work for one "client" afaik.
The thing is i need multiple wallet(accounts)/client interacting with one node/client.

I've read that it's possible to connect remotely to a node(here) so that part is possible but i'm wondering about the rest.

I don't know if it's clear so i've drawn this :

Basically i would like my clients to interact with my full node but each of them holding their own passphrase.

The goal is to end up with a very lightweight " client " that would function as an api. Using a function on my client would trigger an api call that would in turn trigger a smart contract for that wallet/account/user but over my server instead of locally and then my server would send back data to the proper wallet/account/user.

Is it something possible ? kind of like a client side certificate system.
I'm not the security master, i'm just a simple web developer and i would probably need a way to secure the api to login with the passphrase ? or is it to much of a security issue sending the passphrase all together ? Would setting up certificat be enough ?

Thanks for the help :)
Nice to meet you all.
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