cpp-ethereum obsolete? webthree-umbrella new?

ZomiZomi Member Posts: 10

cpp-ethereum this obsolete?

I have problem to undermine my gpu r7 370 does not deliver the full hashrate. I have followed several guides and nothing.

Now I am following this because I read that someone worked.https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/197/mining-faq-live-updates&usg=ALkJrhg3PYUX26BccKYihRMAU7Nap89gfQ

but when I get to the Installing EthMiner hand, you tell me that I have to install cpp-ethereum. but the official website at github says: cpp-ethereum is a dead repository. All pages are wiki Relevant Moved to webthree-umbrella wiki.

The problem that I have with webthree-umbrella.

I can not install
Qt 5.5 or higher
3.7 llvm
and throws me error.


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