[ANN] 2ndEUR – A stable currency paying dividends every two weeks

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2ndEUR is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency derived from Jordan Lee's Peershares, which itself was derived from Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin.
There are many cryptocurrencies persueing the goal to form a stable unit for payment and settlement.

2ndEUR has the ambition to reach this goal. We distribute dividends in Peercoin every two weeks to every holder over a period of 104 weeks (2 years).

CONDITION: the price is stable on coinmarketcap in a margin of +/- 10% around € 0.01

The dividends come from a presale.



This is a step we are going to have to take in the order to gain inital funding to pay dividends in Peercoin.
Download the Wallets for your operating system -we supported:

Linux 32bit Linux 64bit Windows 32bit Windows 64bit

Chose the amount of 2ndEUR you prefer and enter your 2ndEUR address - NO ACCOUNT NEEDED

The price starts at 1 BTC = 35,000 2ndEUR
and rise up to 1 BTC = 25,000 2ndEUR

the price increase every two weeks.
During the presale we can accepted many altcoins (more than 30 currencies), so if you don't want to pay in Bitcoin you can spend the following currencies:
Archcoin Blackcoin BitcoinDark Clams BitUSD Bitshares Counterparty DigiByte Dogecoin
Dash Ether Feathercoin FlorinCoin GEMZ Hyper Litecoin Maidsafe Mastercoin
Mintcoin Monacoin Monero Nubits Novacoin Peercoin Potcoin Reddcoin Ripple
Shadowcash SWARM Startcoin StrojcoinX TehterUSD Unobtanium Vericoin BitCrystals
There are 800 million coins availabe

The unsold coins will be distributed to all early adopters proportionately to their amount of already bought 2ndEUR.

The presale ends after 42 days or all coins are sold. Every early adopters get their coins at the end of the presale.


Max Money 5 Billion
Block time 1 minute
Nominal stake interest 1% annually
Min stake age 4 hours
Max stake age 30 days
Confirmation 6 maturity 100
P2P Port 9924 RPC Port 9925
Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.01 2ndEUR


Why supporting a presale?
presale offers purchase of 2ndEUR using altcoins to currency holders only BTC will be used as trading pair on exchange markets.

Why does BTC is used as exchange currency on Shapeshift? (Alternatives: Peercoin, ...)
Even if Peercoin and other currencies are accepted too, BTC was chosen dued to it´s liquidity.
There always will be enough volume of BTC in circulation.

Unsold 2ndEUR – what happens?
The unsold coins will be distributed to all early adopters proportionately to their amount of already bought 2ndEUR.
magine Robert pay 1 BTC (1 BTC = 35,000 2ndEUR) at the very beginning of the sale. Robert is the only person to pay thus far, he now has claim to all 800,000,000 2ndEUR.
However shortly thereafter, a second person, Sarah decides to pay 3 BTC (1 BTC = 35,000 2ndEUR) to the sale as well.
Consequently, Robert now lays claim only 200,000,000. Sarah receives the other 600,000,000 2ndEUR.
However, if a third person, John, purchases 10 BTC (1 BTC = 25,000 2ndEUR) at the end of the presale.
John bought 250,000, Sarah 105,000 and Robert 35,000 2ndEUR.
sold coins: 390,000
unsold coins: 799,610,000

John: (250,000 / 390,000) *799,610,000 + 250,000 512,820,512.8 2ndEUR
Sarah: (105,000 / 390,000)*799,610,000 + 105,000 215,384,615.4 2ndEUR
Robert: (35,000 / 390,000) *79,961,000 + 35,0000 71,794,871.8 2ndEUR

In this sense, the sale works as a kind of auction.

Does the adress of the bounty programm touch dividens too?
No, only currency users will get dividens.

In case of fail to accomplish the aim of stable price condition 0,01 € / ± 10 % - what happens?
The sum of all dividens distributions is 52 times (regarding the period of 2 years / dividens distribution every 2 weeks)
If the price isn´t stable around the given conditions, no dividens will be distributed during this precise timeframe.

When does the community of currency users gets the first dividens distribution?
Four weeks after presale´s end.


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