Ethereum for Managing Solar Electricity

Pei13Pei13 Member Posts: 32
Could Ethereum be used to manage a network of homes generating electricity with solar panels? Is anyone working on something similar to this?


  • DrSluiceDrSluice Member Posts: 26
    Sounds like maybe you are! I'm sure the Ethereum blockchain could prove useful in terms of a smart contract utilizing a multisig agreement for the purchase and maintenance of hardware used in a collective community of farms and/or residences pooling resources. Also, I imagine a smart contract might be implemented that acts as a clearing house for the disbursement of tax incentives issued by the State or Federal Government in order to build an array. I guess initially you'd have to really figure out how the definition of "manage" and "generate" need to be defined in order to maximize the usefulness of "hiring" the blockchain in the first place.
  • sagisagi Member Posts: 1
    Hi Pei13.
    I am new to Ether but experienced software engineer.
    Your idea sounds interesting. Can we talk to better understand your idea?
  • bizbizmobibizbizmobi Member Posts: 12
    Hi @Pei13, @sagi I just had the same idea yesterday.
    Is it for monitoring lots of data on the solar powered system ?
  • awfulattheseawfulatthese Member Posts: 2
    @Pei13, LO3 is working on a closed grid for communities based on Solar and the blockchain. They currently have a project in Brooklyn working with ten homes- 5 producing energy, and 5 purchasing.
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