Please help explain a transaction

pikospikos Member Posts: 5
Hi all,
I Am news to this, so please forgive me if I m missing something.

I have made two transactions to the same address

First one using the eth (cpp) from coinbase, about 0.5 eth
And second one using mist from my wallet , about 2eth

When I click on the wallet transaction I get this url:

As I can see from the first url the balance of the address is about 2.5 ether but only one transaction of 0.5 is listed

And from the second URL I am just lost :)

What is the right way to track my second transaction ;


  • DrSluiceDrSluice Member Posts: 26
    you might try this.....first go here:
    at the top of the page click accounts, then, "normal".....enter any account number and click "search" will be shown a balance and a list of all transactions related to that address. Also, be mindful of the possibility that you may be sending Wei or Finney or Szabo (the more granular subdivisions of "ether") due to syntax errors in your transaction command line, which will report your balance accurately, but not in the format that you are expecting to see, namely "Ether". Sometimes when using geth, decimal points are not displayed which can take some time getting used to. DON"T GIVE UP!
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