Ethereum Developers: Fundamental OSG White Paper Published - Get It Here

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Chas Holloway’s white paper Open Source Government; The Foundational Concepts has just been posted. You can download it HERE.

What is Open Source Government?

Crypto currencies, decentralized P2P platforms, smart contracts, and so on, are innovative and disruptive and libertarian and revolutionary. However, developers are not yet aware of the real Big Picture – of the global magnitude – of what they are building, and of the actual scope of coming social change and the immensity of the fortunes that will be made.

The integration of Open Source Government (OSG) technology with Ethereum (et al) makes blockchain-based decentralized platforms vastly more powerful than their creators and developers currently realize.

The purpose of this white paper is to explain Open Source Government (OSG), its architecture, its design parameters, and its staggering capacity to reshape digital civilization.

Download the white paper, Open Source Government; The Foundational Concepts HERE.

Or at the following website:

For more info, contact:

Bill Hergonson at [email protected]

Chas Holloway at [email protected]
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