TOKENS using registrar.owner and registrar.addr

DrSluiceDrSluice Member Posts: 26
I have been following along on the tutorial regarding the creation of "tokens" . All is well thus far, however' I have successfully registered my token's name and when I enter:

> registrar.owner("theNameofMycoin")
> "0xc77xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

the account number returned is correct for my [0] account. Perfect!. I can assume that I have successfully registered and now own the name of my coin(token).

Q: why then don't I get the same address when I enter:

> "xxxxsome_different_number_I_Don't_Recognizexxxxx" AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!:

Q: How can I be sure all my hard work and effort to get this far along will not evaporate into the ether, never to be called again, when I shut down my Geth attach terminal?

Thanks in advance of any guidance.May the force be with you.


  • DrSluiceDrSluice Member Posts: 26
    UPDATE... question answered, I assumed the number in question was my wallet address which is why I didn't recognize it. As it turns out the registrar.addr(" ") entry returns the address of the CONTRACT not the wallet address. Problem solved. I have successfully registered the name of my Token. And yes everything does evaporate so to speak when you close the terminal...Until you point to the contract address again next time when you want to connect to it for alteration.

    Cheers. Hope this helps some one.
  • tokeweedtokeweed Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for sharing.
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