New at Ethereum

SjoRNyZtSjoRNyZt Member Posts: 1
Hello my friends,

I´m new to ethereum and its the first time i want to do mining at all

But to be honest i watched some tutorials and didnt unterstand a word.

Can somebody explain me or give a a link to a tutorial for complett new members(newbies)

Would be gratefull

Best regards


  • tokeweedtokeweed Member Posts: 42
    Ethereum is in its early stages right now and is on the 'Frontier Release' so expect things to get a bit technical.

    So it would help to know your way around Linux as it is easier to install Ethereum on it. It also would help for you to be used to the command line because most of the stuff you'll be doing will be in the CLI. That said, if you are, I'm confident you'll rip through and absorb all the stuff here:

    That wiki is a good place to start.
  • Pei13Pei13 Member Posts: 32
    Sorry don't mean to hijack the thread

    Does anyone know if you can send ether to etherbase? I tried sending ether to my Mist GUI but I sent it to etherbase and it doesn't show as me having a balance. I can't create a wallet either as I don't have and Ether on there.
  • tokeweedtokeweed Member Posts: 42
    Is the blockchain fully synced?
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