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If I create a token, is it possible to make it mineable ? Or,do I just control the issuance of tokens by virtue of the contract(s) I create on the blockchain? Any one with some experience in creating tokens for use in crowdfunding projects, particularly not for profits, and/or public works projects that could guide me toward some helpful tutorials or resources regarding Ethereum tokens (currency) I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.


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    you can make it mineable, you can use a bitcoin-like algorythm that uses sha3 for example and someone can send a hash to your contract and will be rewarded with your tokens or ether. Not sure what the use would be, but it is possible.
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    @DrSluice Hello, I am also interreted in this please keep me updated. thanks
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    Hours and hours and hours later, still unable to create a token. Looked high and lo for tutorials tried cutting and pasting, been to Youtube, The Frontier homepages, here, there everywhere... still nothing but error messages and obstacles. Frustrating as hell, have that hopeless feeling about Ethereum similar to writing modem strings for dialup internet. I'm getting the distinct impression that no one really has it figured out, can make it do what they want it to do, and all the while engaged in wishful thinking that this platform is the cats pajamas.
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    Update: Had considerable success this night in finally creating a token having them sent to my [0] account in the correct total amount . I used solidity to compile and the wallet at Meteor to add data to a transaction sent to my [1] account. My first contract went through, and I was able to find my token balance from the command line in geth. While trying to register a name for my coin(token) I somehow took a giant leap backwards and found myself unable to get my token balance at all, and not sure if all my newly created tokens are still in my account or not. Oh well...progress made, will continue my journey down the rabbit hole tomorrow and post positive results later. Cheers!
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