Fundamental Ethereum White Paper - ANNOUNCEMENT

Note From the Author:

I've decided not to collect email addresses in exchange for downloading the OSG white paper. If you'd like to download it just go to this site:

You can download it directly from there -- no email address required. I would appreciate any comments on the paper, however.


Chas Holloway


  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    I posted this paper on Reddit (r/technology) last night and woke up to discover someone had attached a "politics" flair to it. This is NOT politics. The title of the paper is "Open Source Government: The Foundational Concepts." Since the word "government" is in the title, someone must have been confused.

    It would have helped if they'd actually read the paper before calling it "politics."

    This is a science paper. The first half is on epistemology -- scientifically defining key terms and concepts. The second half is about implementation.

    Again, this paper is NOT about politics.

    In fact, science and politics are exact opposites -- this point is even explained in the paper.

    Chas Holloway, author.
  • ciskocisko HollandMember Posts: 35

    I think politicians don't like the idea of open source government, meaning they think people can't rule themselfes, are incapable and need politicians to rule them.
  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    Het Cisko,

    I agree. But Open Source Government is the way of the future. Political systems are falling apart all over there world. It's happening now because of the rise of digital technology. Eventually open source social management systems have to take over.

    I think it's interesting that people have always had a nostalgia for some past Golden Age of freedom that never existed. It turns out that people are actually being nostalgic for the future!
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