How can Devs monetize Dapps?

What are the methods for monetizing Dapps?
It seems to me that this is more difficult then regular apps, since your contract code is transparent someone could replicate it quite easily making monetization difficult.


  • JeffreyBPetersenJeffreyBPetersen Santa Cruz, CaliforniaMember Posts: 5
    By providing other services that are built to make use of the dapp or by fulfilling paid roles within the dapp.
  • ethereumnickethereumnick Member Posts: 49
    This is not a new question to the free software community. Look into how FLOSS Devs make a living. Many of us (even if rubbish noobs like me) just do it for the love of it in our spare time but there are plenty of companies out there who need the tools and will pay skilled devs to build them. Even if a given coder can't charge rent on their code afterwards Free/Libre software keeps growing because people need it.
    The better it gets the more people use it, the more people use it the more important it becomes, the more important it becomes the more is added to meet niche needs and the licenses keep the code Free (as in Freedom) even if someone pays for the lunch.
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