Comparing Pools: Dwarf vs ETH vs Talk vs Wei

farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
Just some of my notes on the 4 pools I've tested:
  • - Dwarfpool about 13.5 ETH/day with 330 MH/s (very reliable, proxy available, failover available, etc. - quality)
  • - ETHpool about 16 ETH/day with 330 MH/s (unconfirmed, requires another 24hour run, very reliable hash reporting, nice client "qtminer")
  • - TalkEther - very unreliable Java client, not reporting hashrate properly (requires geth instance!, could be issue on my end, e.g. firewall issue, port issue, etc)
  • - WeiPool - stable pool, rather small, good payouts (no proxy/client, easy setup)
ETHpool has the most reliable setup (qtminer), TalkEther has the most unreliable setup (some Java client) and the lowest payouts per hash, Dwarfpool has a nice proxy but during my tests the proxy performed worse than mining directly to the geth node.

1 Some of the problems I have with TalkEther's client could be due to my very restrictive NAT firewall Tested both with Ubuntu and Windows.

2 I'll inspect my firewall but all ports are forwarded so not sure what the problem is with proxies / Java clients underperforming

3 I'm going to compare the pools with running an actual geth node and I'll try TalkEther again, could have been a glitch or whatever


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