Ether buy-back program

murpenmurpen Manchester, UKMember Posts: 6
Now that it seems that the fundraising ether pre-purchase program will have no cap it is possible (likely?) that the organisation may at some point in the future hold more BTC than it can usefully spend. For example, this might occur if BTC gains value against USD or when the network is up and running and there's widespread use. In this situation the entity that holds the BTC raised during the ether pre-sale should have the option of spending the BTC by buying back ether in the market. I'm not an economist but to me this would return value to all stakeholders (investors, founders, miners, etc) and support the project. Even having a buy back program listed as a potential activity that the organisation might undertake would support the value of ether as in effect the currency is then backed by the value of the remaining BTC held by the organisation as well as being useful in and of itself as "fuel" for ethereum contracts. I haven't seen this idea discussed before, has it been considered?


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