General questions about DApps with ethereum?

I have been looking around the world of Ethereum for about a month now. Have read a lot of tutorials and user guides for different software tools that I could use for developing a Dapp. However I am still not sure which of them to use for the project that I want to create. Brief overview of the idea : I will have a private blockchain to store information about student grades. The students will be able to access their grades, but will also be able to see the overall ranking for a given course. However, they won't be able to assign grades - this will be done by special users, who will have this rights. At given points in time, say at the end of the semester, the top graders will receive a reward in the form of some crypthocurrency, which will be developed especially for this purpose. Along with these functionalities, a front-end will be developed.

Currently, I am thinking of using Mix IDE for the project. But I am not absolutely sure whether it will be enough. I have just read about Embark and Truffle. Should I use them along with Mix? I have tried to get Alethzero working for a long time now, but it's not working for me, for some reason. At the moment, I feel a little bit confused so any help will be appreciated. :)


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